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Clients and projects worldwide

We have been available to our customers for projects and training courses anywhere where we are needed since 2003. Hereby we are always focused on new methods, in order to cope with the continually increasing expectations of our customers. The stable cooperation over many years with our customers is the best reward.

Some of our international training and project sites:

  • Brazil, Sao Paolo; OEM Truck
  • China, Shanghai: Tier 1 Automotive
  • China, Peking: Tier 1 Automotive
  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: Tier 2 Automotive
  • Mexico, Monterrey: Tier 2 Automotive
  • Taiwan, Taipei: Tier 1 Automotive
  • USA, Tuscaloosa: OEM Cars

Many years of experience

Our experience is the result of more than 10,000 participants in presence and distance training courses such as business excellence, Six Sigma or Lean, problem solving, project management and management approach.

The practice-focused basis of our work has been formed by hundreds of projects, accompanied in the form of methodical management or carried out as the responsible project managers.

Outstanding education and certification from globally recognised organisations represent unbiased knowledge transfer and thus guarantee success.

Satisfied customers

Car manufacturers, their subsidiaries and suppliers and companies in the communication and service provision sectors, investment goods industry, health care, machine building, paper industry, card-services and chemical industries.