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Innovationspreis 2012

Innovation Award 2012:
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Industrial Award 2012:
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Quality and service by Helling und Storch

The success and satisfaction of our clients are our daily goal!



Qualified and experienced trainers from Helling und Storch. Outstanding education, experience in practise in the most varied of business sectors, hundreds of projects and more than 10,000 course participants comprise our repertoire.



Helling und Storch applies the use of international standards and norms in its training courses, for example the ISO 13053 Six Sigma standard and the ISO 29990 education standard.



Based on standards and valued practises we are also pleased to tread new paths – always with the aim to achieve the best possible applications for you.



Panoramic view
Theory and practice from the one source. Helling und Storch offers support services as well as knowledge transfer in order to use what has been learned effectively in practice.



Practical relevance
The Helling und Storch trainers are distinguished by their many years of industrial experience. This is reflected in their coaching and knowledge transfer methods: tested and proven methods and case studies specific to the business sector are the cornerstones of our method teaching.



Complete solutions
Analysis of requirements, focusing of strategies, knowledge transfer, implementation, introduction, application, sharpening, and further development, Helling und Storch is your consultant and doer in all phases.



Customer focus
Set-up and contents of all steps are tailor-made specifically for our customers. Also the entire form of training is focused on the requirements and conditions of our clients. We are flexible all over the world.



Individual consultation
We take time for your wishes. Intensive discussion at the start and maybe on the way is important for a focused approach and final success.


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